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My web galleries

The ‘My web galleries’ section gives you a summary of your new and existing web galleries as shown in Fig. 01. From within the ‘My web galleries’ section you will be able view, edit and remove your existing galleries.

Fig 01: My web galleries

Fig. 01

Once you are in the edit mode, as show in Fig. 02, you will be able rearrange your images and label them. All the images within the gallery section will have their title and caption information displayed automatically once you create your gallery. However, should you choose to label your images, their existing title and caption information will be replaced with your words.

Fig 02: Edit mode

Fig. 02

Once you have finished setting up and labelling your gallery, you can save and view your work by clicking on the buttons found on the top right-hand corner of the gallery view display, as shown in Fig. 02, and e-mail them as a slide gallery show (see Fig. 03 below).

Fig 03: Slide gallery show

Fig. 03

Sending your gallery
If you would like to e-mail your gallery, you will need to enter the recipient's e-mail address, your e-mail address (see Fig. 03 above) and select the ‘include subject’ field if you would like to include a message. When you click on the ‘send’ button, you will be taken to the display seen in Fig. 04.

Fig 04: Email your gallery

Fig. 04

On the top header of the next screen, which is almost identical to the display shown in Fig. 03 above, you will see a confirmation of your web gallery being sent.

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