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My e-cards

‘My e-cards’ section (Fig. 01) is where all your sent e-cards are stored and located. Any time you send an e-card, it will be automatically stored in this section, available for re-use at another time.

Fig 01: My e-cards

Fig. 01

Clicking on the 'My e-cards' header will produce, as shown in Fig. 02 below, a list of thumbnails of the e-cards you have sent to date.

Fig 02: Thumbnails

Fig. 02

To send e-cards, click on the envelope symbol on the bottom left of the images within the site, as shown in Fig. 03. The option to send e-cards is available within the thumbnail, medium and large image displays.

Fig 03: To send e-cards

Fig. 03

When you click on the envelope symbol, you will then be presented with a text field to enter your message, name field for your name, a field for the recipient's e-mail address and a send button.

Fig 04: Send e-card information screen

Fig. 04

NOTE: In accordance with the Data Protection Act 2001, we will not be keeping a record of your sent e-mails: neither the details of your message, nor the e-mail addresses of the persons to whom you are sending e-cards.


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